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    Please be advised that Tigress Films does not accept and/or review unsolicited material of any kind, including, but without limitation, any ideas, concepts, pitches, suggestions, characters, stories, treatments, outlines, scripts, formats, artwork, photographs, audiovisual works, musical compositions, sound recordings, and/or other similar works (collectively, “Unsolicited Material”). Any Unsolicited Material received by Tigress Films by any means, including by electronic-mail, will be immediately deleted, destroyed and/or returned unread at Tigress Film’s sole discretion.

    請注意 : Tigress 拍片不接受和 / 或檢閱來路不明材質提供任何形式之擔保 , 包括 ( 但不限於 ) 任何想法、概念、辭、建議、字元、故事、治療、大綱、指令檔、格式、美工圖案、相片、影音、音樂作品、音效錄音 , 及 / 或其他類似 works ( 以下合稱「來路不明資料」 ) 。 任何未經請求材料所收到的 Tigress 膠片使用任何方法 , 包括以電子郵件 , 就會立即刪除、損毀及 / 或傳未讀的 Tigress 膠片的自主決定。