About Us

Tigress Films is a next generation Hollywood studio with production & finance divisions based in Beverly Hills specializing in mid-high budget productions, creating some of the world's greatest television shows and movies in genres such as action, adventure, Sci-Fi, romantic comedy, dramas, thrillers, and more. Tigress Films is a pillar of creative excellence in the entertainment world.

Jacqueline-MaddisonHeadshotTigress Films is owned by South African entrepreneur, Jacqueline Maddison, an innovative and powerful executive producer, she exemplifies excellence in her creative abilities and business management. Not only is she an impeccable business woman, but also a powerful on screen actress. Her forte lies in her ability to execute a strategic vision both in production, direction, and financial management.

Tigress Films forges alliances with major Hollywood and Chinese production and distribution companies that join forces to bring the world empowering and entertaining stories that have positive and powerful impacts on the lives and hearts of people worldwide.

Tigress 電影公司是一家下一代好萊塢製片廠,其製作和財務部門設在比佛利山莊,專門從事中高預算製作,創作了一些世界上最偉大的電視節目和電影,如動作片、冒險片、科幻片、浪漫喜劇、戲劇、驚悚片等。蒂格雷斯電影是娛樂界創意卓越的支柱。

Tigress 電影公司由南非企業家傑奎琳·麥迪森擁有,她是一位創新而強大的執行製片人,她體現了卓越的創造力和業務管理。她不僅是一個無可挑剔的女商人,而且是一個強大的銀幕女演員。她的強項在於她有能力在生產、方向和財務管理方面執行戰略願景。